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Started in 1986 to provide a new concept in outsource sales, Steve Brown Co. has spent the last seventeen years working with small and medium sized businesses.
Dealing with a wide range of companies he has developed the strategies, uncovered new markets and closed the deals necessary to increase sales and establish leadership positions in their industry. Throughout this process he has emphasized best practices, fostered teamwork and shown how focus and discipline create solid companies and lead to superior results.

Today, the company works in three areas.
In business development we deal with companies from the United States, Europe and Asia to introduce products and technology to new markets in diverse areas from test and measurement equipment to sporting goods.

In management we provide a temporary or virtual CEO on a short tern bases to provide leadership, focus and discipline for companies who are just starting up, in a crises or transition. We also provide guidance and counsel for companies who have a great service or technology but want to make the best decisions in a complex fast paced business climate.

In sales, we can provide direct sales efforts for a single product or on an on-going basis. When you need a senior level sales executive who can understand your product and market quickly on a less than full time basis, we have a solution for you.

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